Our technical expertise

We are specialized in the following languages and technologies:


We love everything that’s JavaScript, like Angular, React and NodeJS.



From the good old Java to the functional Scala and Kotlin.



React Native or iOS and Android.

Specialized in Java and JavaScript development, we build scalable and secure applications for our clients, using many different technologies: from React to Angular as frontend technologies and from Java to Scala and NodeJS as backend technologies. All our developers are experts in solving the most complex software problems and keep stay up-to-date with the all latest versions of the technologies.


Our Stories

A tiny section of our work

We work with clients who use top-notch infrastructures. In practice, this means that leading names in the aviation, banking and media industry use us as their main supplier of software development expertise, but we also serve several tech startups. At Sytac, there are exciting projects available for everyone. We make sure our developers always work on projects that suit both the needs of our clients and developers.


Join the Sytac-community, so we can thrive together!

At Sytac, we don’t just hire everybody. We have a thorough application process in place to make sure that the candidate is up for the job. Once you’re in, we make sure to get you a software project that makes your eyes shine! You can choose your own laptop, you get a tech budget to buy the newest soft- and hardware development tools of your liking, and a training budget so you’re able to continuously develop yourself by attending conferences and participating in workshops.