We take this consultancy thing pretty seriously

We are a team of top-notch Java and JavaScript-experts that provides companies the expertise needed to build complex software applications.

Our technical expertise

Software Consultant

Sytac services aren’t limited to programming. Our software consultants are available to help you design and develop state-of-the-art solutions, in line with the most advanced business requirements. All our consultants are excellent communicators, able to build new projects from the ground up or bring existing projects to the next level.

Development Team

Besides providing companies with individual developers and consultants, we implement entire development teams. Fundamentally consisting of developers, a team lead and a scrum master, our teams benefit from a dynamic composition, and can be inherently adjusted and tailored to your specific needs.

We are specialized in:


We love everything that’s JavaScript, like Angular, React and NodeJS.


From the good old Java to the functional Scala and Kotlin.


React Native or iOS and Android.

Our Stories

We always make sure to take over projects that suit both our developers’ expertise and our clients’ needs. Since our early days, we have chosen to work with clients using top-notch infrastructures. While pursuing this goal, leading names in industries like aviation, banking and media have appointed us to be their main supplier of software development expertise. At the same time, we also cooperate with younger tech startups to keep our portfolio broad, dynamic and full of character.

Some numbers

We serve 26 clients operating in 10 different industry sectors, with 84 consultants currently working on clients' projects. The average duration of a project is 1.4 years. Every year we receive more than 100 project requests.



We offer one-to-one guidance enabling all of our developers to follow their own roadmap to success. This means that we encourage and support our people’s thirst for knowledge, creating opportunities to expand their range of skills to get and stay on top of technology.


We firmly believe that great minds think alike. For this reason, we constantly stimulate a vivid flow of ideas through our culture of knowledge sharing. It’s important that all of our people are excellent communicators that can put their ideas forward, which is why we, among other things, train them in expressing themselves.


Joining Sytac means becoming part of a community with 100+ Java and JavaScript developers, sharing similar interests and expertise. Come hang out with us while you sit back and get to know other great like-minded developers, we’ll take care of the rest.


For us, Sytac is more than a company. Working for us means being part of our community. Even though consultants may develop projects at different clients, we always make sure the community is alive and kicking, both on a professional and social level. Our non tech-events are a major part of this feeling, have a look at them!