This is our story

It’s been an amazing rollercoaster ride.
June 2010
Jadelaan 14-20 in Hoofddorp 001_small

The founding of Sytac

Hoofddorp is the place where our story started and where our first office was. In June 2010, when there were only two employees, we set our first baby steps into the world by hiring four consultants.
August 2010

Our first big contract

It was only after a few months that we won our first big contract. Since August 2010, Sytac is the preferred supplier of Java-development for KLM, which gave our business an enormous boost.
October 2010

Moving towards bigger things

Because of these early achievements, we already outgrew our first office within a couple of months. In October 2010, our office moved to the city. Amsterdam was going to be our next home base.
October 2012

100 Consultants, and counting

Over the next two years, the growth continued. We set up a lot of partnerships with both clients and developers, which led to reaching the magical limit of one hundred consultants in October 2012.
January 2013

Settling in Haarlem

With the growth of our team of consultants came the growth of our backoffice. An account manager, a recruiter and an office manager joined our team and in no time, our second office wasn’t big enough anymore. This led to our move to Haarlem, in January 2013.
January 2015

Switching our focus

Two years later, in January 2015, our focus switched from working with freelance consultants to actually hiring our own employees. This way, we were able to provide our clients with faster service and guarantee quality.
May 2015

The first DevJam

Now that more and more consultants became actual employees of Sytac, our community became stronger, which led to our first of many DevJams, in May 2015. Many people enjoyed inspiring and learningful presentations, while enjoying pizza and beer.
January 2016

Sytac in the Snow

Our community is not just professionally, but also socially active. In January 2016, we organised our first skiing-trip. For four days, over thirty people enjoyed the Austrian snow, which was such a big success that we decided to make it a yearly event!
March 2018

Bigger and happier partners

ING has been a partner since 2013, and in March 2018 we became a preferred supplier. Many of our consultants enjoy building complex software applications for this leading name in the banking industry.

Our mission

Our mission is based on three key values: grow, share and relax. First of all, it’s our goal to facilitate career growth and development opportunities for all of our people. We’re on top of innovations and new technologies, so our developers can always operate in a top-notch environment. But growing is more than just getting better at developing. We also encourage our people to develop their soft skills by training them in expressing themselves.

We do this, because we’re convinced that you have to share your knowledge if you want to achieve great things. This is why we organize frequent sLabs and DevJams, which are learning events focused on gaining knowledge through the sharing of knowledge. This paves the path for the entire community to grow.

But even though we highly value all of this, we also like to have fun! It’s our goal to have happy employees, which is why we, among other things, organize monthly ‘Nibbles & Drinks’. Besides, our employees are welcome to join us on bigger events, from BBQ’s on the beach to skiing-trips.