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mini sLab | Introduction to React Native

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2 May-17:00 -20:00

Using same core concepts of React, Facebook engineers create this to be able to create native apps aka Android and iOS apps. The idea of this workshop it is to have an introduction to React Native and create a real working example functional app. You will be able to build some UI components, deal with 3rd parties services and more.

We will project some slides to introduce the topic and then get our hands dirty with creating an app from a provided scaffolding.

About the host:
Jonatan started to work with React in early stages(+4 years ago), because of that, he was able to see how React ecosystem evolves and changes in all this time. Also he love’s to share with the community what he have learned during these years.

Knowledge prerequisites:
Programming experience with JavaScript.
React basics.

Software prerequisites:
You should have an IDE/Editor.
Please install last LTS version of Node js

This Lab is suggested for:
React developers who want to learn about React Native. Others JS devs could join to but you will need to learn React basics before you join into this Lab.

This Lab may not be the best for:
None Javascript frontend developers, if you don’t know at least basics of React maybe you will get lost at the end of the Lab.


2 May
17:00 -20:00


Sytac IT Consulting
Rozenstraat 1
Haarlem, NL
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