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sLab | React tips and tricks with Jonatan and Luis

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25 January-09:00 -16:00

React has been in the market from more than 5 years already, now it is enough mature to determine what are the best patterns, practices and tips, that will make you become a better professional. The main idea of this workshop is to highlight those and show you the benefits of applying them.

We will project some slides to introduce the topics and then get our hands dirty with practical examples and exercises on each topic. We will provide a repository where you can find examples, exercises and solutions.

Topics will include:
– React reconciliation optimization.
– High Order Components.
– Virtualization of component lists.
– Performance and debugging tools.
– Immutable Data Structures.
– React Hooks.

About the hosts:
Luis has been working in different projects using React for the last 3 years The experience allowed him to identify the best patterns and overcome common problems.

Jonatan started to work with React in early stages(+4 years ago), because of that, he was able to see how React ecosystem evolves and changes in all this time. Also he love’s to share with the community what he have learned during these years.

Knowledge prerequisites:
Programming experience with JavaScript.
React basics.

Software prerequisites:
You should have an IDE/Editor.
Please install last LTS version of Node js
Yarn isn’t mandatory but recommended, you could check how to install it here: https://yarnpkg.com/lang/en/docs/install/


25 January
09:00 -16:00


Westhoff Haarlem
Kruisweg 22-24
Haarlem, NL
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