The Client

Backbase is a fintech (Financial Technology) software provider that makes finance easier and more accessible. They are helping millions of consumers and businesses to manage their money in a more meaningful way. Their digital banking platform supports banks around the world in their journey to a digital transformation. Backbase’s banking software solution unifies data and functionality from traditional core systems and new fintech players into a seamless, digital customer experience. Some of the banks that use Backbase products are ABN-AMRO, Rabobank, CitiBank, and Deutsche Bank.

The Customer Service (CS) department of Backbase is responsible for the implementation of the Backbase products at a customers’ location. Depending on the agreement between the two parties, the CS department can be in charge of not only the integration between Backbase products and the client’s core bank system(s) but also the deployment.

The Project

The project goal is to realize a working prototype that integrates Backbase’s product with a new core banking system to present it at Backbase Connect . Backbase Connect is an annual conference that showcases digital banking transformation topics. Customers, partners, and industry thought leaders gather together to discuss their digital transformation goals and how the support of Backbase is getting them there.

Within the project team, Sytac is responsible for the integration of the backend service with the core banking system, Finxact . The scope of the prototype is to integrate two features, Transactions and Products, that Backbase’s software provides. Transactions is the feature that allows the customer of the bank to see their transactions and their transaction details. Products is the feature that allows customers to see the bank products they have, like Saving Account, Investment Account, etc. The challenge is to deliver a working prototype before the start of the annual Backbase Connect conference.


  • Microservices
  • Spring
  • Spring Data
  • Apache Camel
  • Eureka
  • Kubernetes
  • Agile Scrum (geographically distributed team)

The project was characterized by intensive cooperation with the stakeholders who provided continuous feedback and the can-do mentality of the project team. Based on the Backbase documentation and the bank’s core documentation, the team developed the integration service that allowed these two features to communicate. The project team managed to realize the integration and deployment of these two services within the given timeframe while meeting the requirements. Due to this success, the team was also able to present a working prototype to the audience of the Backbase Connect conference.


Without Sytac’s support, the realization of the project goal would have been a huge challenge. - (Accenture Spain)

The working prototype was successfully shown to the stakeholders and visitors of the conference. The project was built with enough quality standards to be reused in case a potential customer is found.